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Mayfield Campus 2022-2023 Dress Code

The Lakeland School District Administration, Faculty and Staff have the responsibility to
maintain appropriate student dress that mirrors the values of the Lakeland School District.
Clothing that jeopardizes the health, welfare and/or safety of an individual student and/or other
students, or is a disruptive influence in class, or interferes with the educational rights of others,
is considered improper dress. Teachers will attempt to remedy violations during homeroom. If
unresolved, students will be sent to the office.
The following items are permitted:
Shirts with collars, turtlenecks, sweatshirts (all types), and crew neck shirts with (finished)
long or short sleeves
Pants, jeans, leggings, shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses.
● Lower body attire that exposes undergarments, waist, and/or torso is prohibited.
● Shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses must conform to the above regulations and must be no
shorter than fingertip length.
● Clothing with rips, holes, or tears is not permitted.
● Tank/halter tops, “muscle”/sleeveless shirts, and/or mesh/see-through shirts are not
* Medically necessary attire will be approved by the school nurse.
The following also applies:
● All items permitted in this dress code must be clean and in good repair.
● Footwear must be worn at all times. Specific footwear may be required by the classroom
teacher for certain activities.
● Footwear defined as “slides” and “flip flops” are not permitted. All footwear must have a
covered toe and back.
● Students may be required to wear specific types of clothing while participating in
physical education classes.
● Hats, caps, hoods, bandanas, kerchiefs, earbuds, sunglasses (unless prescribed by a
physician), visors, and/or sweatbands (any head covering) are not permitted to be worn
during the instructional day unless permitted by the teacher. Head coverings required as
part of a religious affiliation will be permitted.
● Prints/Logos, patches, buttons, pins, and/or jewelry that display sexually suggestive
writing/pictures; advocate violence, hate, racism, or intolerance; advertise and/or
promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs; display double-meaning wording
and/or obscene language; use disrespectful language; or suggest gang affiliation or
activities are prohibited.